As many as 9,000 unaccompanied youth are homeless each night in Missouri.

Here’s how we’re working to bring that number to 0.


Covenant House Missouri continues to be a place of hope and direction for young people who are homeless and disconnected. The vast majority of the youth who come to CHMO have experienced abuse, neglect, and poverty. Many of them are forced to flee their homes to escape unhealthy and unstable environments, and their resulting vulnerability makes them prime targets for trafficking. Still, the young people we serve show a tremendous resilience and resourcefulness in obtaining what they need to survive.

These young people have the desire to change, but often lack the skills and resources needed to make that change happen. The services CHMO provides are critical to the transformation of these young people's lives.

Our aim is to help youth develop character and life skills which allow them to become self-sufficient, productive, and contributing members of society. We accomplish that by offering Residential and Support Services.