Our goal is to give at-risk youth a safe place to rest while we address their other basic needs and a stable housing foundation from which to continue developing their independent living skills.


30-Day Program

Covenant House Missouri offers 24/7 crisis services and housing. With open arms, we welcome youth to Covenant House Missouri, where they will feel safe, secure, and relieved of all the stress involved with homelessness.

Immediate needs such as food and clothing are met first. Once basic needs are met, a plan is developed to assist the youth out of crisis and into stability. Youth ages 16 and 17 may live on the 30-Day Program floor up to 21 days. Youth between the ages of 18-24 may live on the 30-Day Program floor up to 30 days.

Transitional Living Program

Covenant House Missouri’s Transitional Living Program (TLP) offers youth a safe place to live in a caring environment. Ten TLP two-bedroom suites are located on the third floor of building. The program accepts single males and single females ages 16–24 and offers housing for up to 24 months.

While living on the TLP floor, youth further their healing process. They continue their education, find jobs, and work on skills needed for independent living. Mental health counseling and access to all CHMO services are available. The goal for youth in the TLP program is a successful transition to independent living.

In group and individual settings, youth learn life skills such as budgeting, doing laundry, cooking, conflict resolution, interpersonal skills, social skills, navigating public transportation systems, and other skills based on individual need.


Emergency Shelter

When youth are experiencing homelessness in extreme weather conditions, Covenant House provides emergency shelter beds in addition to our other residential programs. 

During a night of emergency shelter with us, youth will have all of their basic needs met, receive education on our other programs and receive case management to help them secure more permanent housing.  Our emergency shelter services are available when the temperature is below 30F degrees or above 90F degrees.

Contact us at 314.533.2241 to learn more information about housing.