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Last year, 53% of the youth entering our Crisis Program did not have any health insurance.

'Sayin' My Piece' - Deon

"Covenant House has helped me with shelter, getting transportation to school, and helped me understand who I really am.  My goal is to get my life together and show people I can make it on my own." 

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Crisis Program

Covenant House Missouri offers 24 hour crisis services to youth ages 16-21 seven days a week.

The Crisis Program is not subject to any predetermined criteria except if the youth is a danger to self or others.  In that instance, we will refer the youth to appropriate services.  Youth may live in the Crisis Program up to 45 days.  Since opening its doors in May of 2008, Covenant House has served over 250 youth.

Youth are homeless for various reasons.  Regardless of their reason, we are there for them. With open arms, we welcome youth to enter our doors where they will feel safe, secure, and relieved of all the stressors that involve homelessness. First we heal the body, then we heal the person.   Immediate needs are addressed first i.e. food, shower, and clothing.  Once basic needs are met, a plan is developed to assist the youth out of crisis and into stability.  While residing at Covenant House Missouri, youth will have access to:

  • Case Management Services
  • Life Skills Classes
  • GED, Literacy, and tutorial services
  • Transportation to and from school
  • Employment Services
  • Individual, Group, and Family Counseling by an L.P.C
  • Recreational and socialization opportunities
  • Medical Care

The number one reason youth are homeless continues to be due to conflicts within the family.  With that being realized, our number one goal is to assist each youth with reconnecting and mending family relationships with the hope of reunifying the youth back with their family.   If this is not an option, youth will be referred, if appropriate, to the Covenant House Missouri Rights of Passage Transitional Living Program.

To learn more information about the Crisis Program, please contact 314-533-2241 or 314-351-4866.