Volunteering Is Good For The Soul!

There is not a day that goes by that our youth never cease to amaze us!  Although they have so many obstacles and hurdles to overcome, they remain committed to caring for others.  Recently, the youth completed two projects – The Ronald McDonald House and The Neighborhood Stabilization Project – in which they dedicated their time in helping families of sick children and beautifying the neighborhood in which Covenant House Missouri is located.

The youth took great pride in both events and embraced the opportunities to assist wherever needed.  What is most exciting about the Ronald McDonald House volunteer project is that the youth get to showcase their project to several other youth programs this weekend.  They will highlight the tour of Ronald McDonald House, the stories of hope and optimism the families presented, and the impact the volunteer project had on their lives.

To quote one of our youth, “Volunteering is easier than what people think.  It’s the simple things that make you feel good about giving back”.  What an amazing mind set to have when even in the midst of your own storm, you can reflect on giving back to others.

To learn more about the community service projects, please review the showcase post card below.

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