Human Trafficking is the act of violence, fraud or coercion for the purpose of sexual exploitation and/or forced labor.  Last week, Tammie Belk, our Sr Director of Operations had the opportunity to speak with Mona Suliman and Ali Wolf of Traffic In Our Streets, about their current research efforts on how agencies are addressing the various forms of trafficking.  They are traveling across the US to ultimately gain a better understanding of human trafficking, what methodologies are in place to address this issue, and conclude who is most at risk of being trafficked.

Their research complements the advocacy efforts of Covenant House International and all Covenant House Sites in bringing global attention to this matter.  According to research findings, homeless and at risk youth are at a Greater risk of being trafficked because they lack fiscal and social supports thereby making them vulnerable to predators.

It is our intent to prevent this from happening by providing visible and accessible services to youth so they can veer from the streets and predators to a place of refuge and support.

We welcomed their insight and questions so that we can all gain ideas on how to magnify our efforts to end human trafficking!

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